Windows 7 Performance Tweaks

Guide to improve performance on Windows 7 OS:

Step 1:

Download & Install CCleaner & Open it.

Cleaner: Run.. Analyze & Run Cleaner

Registry: Scan for Issues & Fix Selected Issues

Tools: Remove Unwanted Programs & Start Up Programs

Options: Monitoring Disable All  3 boxes

Exit CCleaner.

Step 2:

Navigate to:/ Personalize / Basic & High Constrast Themes 

Select: Windows Classic

Navigate to:/ Computer / System Properties / Advanced System Settings

Performance – Settings – Adjust for better performance

enable: show window contents while dragging, smooth edges & scroll.

Step 3:

Navigate to:/ Control Panel / Administrative Tools / System Configuration / Services

“extreme strip use with caution”

Disable the following Services:

Adaptive Brightness
Adobe .etc..
BitLocker Drive Encryption
Block Level Backup
Bluetooth Support
Computer Browser
Cryptographic Services
Diagnostic .etc..
Disk Defragmenter
Disributed Link Tracking Client
Encrypting File System
Function Discovery .etc..
Google .etc…
HomeGroup .etc..
IP Helper
IPsec Policy
Link-Layer Topology Discovery
Offline Files
Parental Controls
Performance Counter DLL
Performance Logs & Alerts
Portable Device Enumerator
Print Spooler
Problem Reports and Solutions
Program Compability Assistant
Protected Storage
Remote .etc..
Secondary Logon
Security Center
Smart Card .etc..
Windows Activation Technologies
Windows Backup
Windows CardSpace
Windows Color System
Windows Defender
Windows Driver Foundation
Windows Error Reporting
Windows Event Collector
Windows Event Log
Windows Remove Management
Windows Time
Windows Update

Hit Apply & Restart.

Step 4:

Navigate to:/ Control PanelPrograms and Features Turn Window Features On or Off

Disable the following Features:

Indexing Service
Internet Explorer
Media Features
Print and Documents Services
Remote Differential Compression
Windows Gadget Platform
Windows Proccess Activation Service
Windows Search
XPS Services & Viewer

Hit OK & Restart.

Guide by Devex.

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